Giovanni Malara


Post-doctoral Research Fellow



Personal information

Giovanni Malara (male) is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at UNIRC, where he is working on the modelling of the REWEC3 dynamics. He has obtained a Ph.D. degree in Ocean Engineering at UNIRC. His research interest involves ocean engineering, floating body dynamics, coastal engineering and structural dynamics. He has investigated problems related to the interaction between extreme waves in Gaussian seas and floating structures. In the context of coastal structures, he has proposed innovative methods for estimating the long-term statistics of overtopping and of run-up during sea storms. Moreover, he has developed a general longshore transport model, valid from rubble-mound breakwaters to sandy beaches in collaboration with the University of Salento. The research activity of Giovanni Malara has been supported by “Rotary International” via the award “UNIAMO LE 3T” by Distretto 2100. Giovanni Malara has also established both national and international collaborations with prestigious universities, such as Rice University (under the supervision of Prof. Pol D. Spanos), where he has worked two years, during his Ph.D. programme, one year in the context of his Post-Doc activity, and three months within the Marie Curie project “PLENOSE”. He contributed to the field of renewable energy, as well. In this context, he proposed consistent models for describing the REWEC3 dynamics. Further, he was the scientific coordinator of WAVENERGY, a Spin-Off of the Mediterranea University, activities in the context of TEN-T project “Study for the development of the green mobility in the port of Civitavecchia through the implementation of the pilot technology REWEC 3”.