Carlo Ruzzo


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Personal information

Carlo Ruzzo was born in Reggio Calabria in August 1990. He took the master degree in civil engineering at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria in October 2013 and he started PhD studies in offshore engineering in January 2014.

His current research activity mainly involves hydrodynamics of spar floating structures for offshore wind turbines and intermediate scale modeling of offshore structures in seawater. In this context, he has arranged an experiment on a 1:30 scale model of OC3-Hywind Spar Buoy at NOEL site in seawater, which is currently going on, and is currently processing and publishing the results in order to investigate the feasibility of low-cost field-site experimental activities on offshore structures in place of or in conjunction with traditional wave tank testing.

He is currently involved also in wave and extreme wave monitoring at NOEL site and in research activity correlated to these issues.

During his PhD studies he has also won scholarships, always related to the macro-areas of arranging and monitoring experimental activities, but with practical applications in quite different fields. He has also collaborated occasionally to the didactics.