Intermediate-scale open-sea experiments on floating offshore wind turbines

Project description

The aim of the project is to investigate the dynamics of floating supports for offshore wind turbines, under wave loading. The approach proposed is the realization of intermediate-scale open-sea experiments in substitution to or in combination with traditional small-scale activities in controlled environments, such as wave tanks or ocean basins. Some advantages of this approach are the reduction of costs and the limitation of scale effects. During the project, a 1:30 scale model of a spar floating offshore wind turbine, in parked rotor conditions, has been installed at NOEL. The model has a draft of about 4 m and is moored by three catenary lines on a water depth of about 7 m. Rigid body motions in the 6 degrees of freedom under variegate local wave conditions have been measured and dynamic identification of the model has been performed (natural frequencies, damping coefficients, RAOs), demonstrating the feasibility of the proposed approach.