GRE.ENE.LOG. “from GREen-ENErgy to green-LOGistic: from Roccella Jonica marina to the Locride area, in Calabria

Project description

The main objective of the research project is the design and experimentation of an integrated energy production-consumption chain which is composed by a green-energy component, the "sea to grid", and by a green-logistics one, the logistic service operated by Fuelled Electric Vehicles. A pilot study will be performed for an Italian marina (Porto delle Grazie of Roccella Jonica), to support passengers and freight mobility between a port and a backward (sub-)urban area. The system pursues the environmental goals set by the EU (Europe 2020 Strategy) and the Italian Government (National Energy Masterplan). Specifically, energy-producing technology reduces dependence from traditional energy sources (coal, gas, oil) and consequently reduces externalities associated with energy production (greenhouse gases, air pollution, etc.). The research results will be able to support administrations and authorities as a contribution to local enhancement, improved services and accessibility to different areas, increased competitiveness, enhanced infrastructure, all based on technological innovation and economic, social and environmental sustainability.