Seminar Dr Maurizio Collu, Cranfield University

Seminar Dr Maurizio Collu, Cranfield University


Seminar Dr Maurizio Collu, Cranfield University





Floating Offshore Wind Turbines: Intro and Coupled Dynamics

Dr Maurizio Collu, Senior Lecturer in Offshore Structures Dynamics


Offshore wind energy is seen as the next necessary step to satisfy the renewable energy targets. So far, the leading EU countries have been Denmark and the UK. The latter has a target of reaching 15% of the total energy consumption provided by renewable sources by 2020, equivalent to 35% of the total electricity coming from renewables. While fixed-to-the-sea bottom structures are now technically mature and commercially establishing itself, the need for much more renewable energy is pushing the wind industry in further and deeper sites, where a floating wind turbine solution becomes technically feasible and economically more viable.

This seminar will give and introduction and overview of the field of floating offshore wind turbines, discussing questions like “Why floating?”, “At which depth?”, and “Vertical OR Horizontal Wind Turbines?”, and will then discuss about aero-hydro(+mooring)-servo-elastic coupled model of dynamics for FOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Turbines), in particular focusing on VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines).

Dr Maurizio Collu – PhD, CEng, MRINA, MEI, FHEA

Dr Collu is Senior Lecturer in dynamics of offshore structures at Cranfield University, in the Offshore Renewable Energy Engineering Centre.

At Cranfield is leading the design of offshore support structures for the emerging floating wind turbine industry, focusing on their coupled dynamics. He had been in charge of the conceptual design of the floating support structure in the £2.8m project NOVA, and lead the development of a coupled model of dynamics for a FOWT in the EU funded FP7 project H2Ocean.

He is serving on the ITTC Ocean Engineering Committee from September 2014, and he regularly presents his work at international seminar and peer-reviewed conferences on the topic (OMAE, EWEA, ISOPE). Maurizio sits in the OMAE Ocean Renewable Energy technical committee since 2012. He has published 27 articles on the topic of  dynamics of offshore floating wind turbines in the highest impact journals and international peer-reviewed conferences in the field.

TIME:       3 December 2015, 9 am

VENUE:    Natural Ocean Engineering Laboratory NOEL, Reggio Calabria, Italy